Change Agent Network (C.A.N.)

The UCPath Change Agent Network (C.A.N.) is one key to ensuring that implementation and adoption of UCPath at UCSF is successful.  Change Agents:

  • Help bridge the gap so that everyone across UCSF is aware of changes coming with UCPath.
  • Personalize connections to UCPath by delivering information from a respected local source.
  • Provide invaluable feedback on implementation readiness at the department level.

Change Agent responsibilities

  • Become knowledgeable about the upcoming changes.
    • Attend monthly meetings through go-live (C.A.N. meetings are NOT training).
    • Review provided supplemental materials.
  • Take recommended actions after each meeting.
    • Share relevant information with:
      • Department leadership and others with human resources, finance and research administration roles.
      • Managers and supervisors.
    • Help deliver key messages to all employees in your department.
  • Provide feedback on change readiness.