Payroll Processing Calendar Updates for Journals and Salary Cost Transfers

The 2020 Payroll Processing Calendar has been updated to reflect the latest payroll journal posting dates. The UCPath Center has provided representative timing for when locations will receive labor ledger data which allows us to provide more accurate anticipated dates for posting to the General Ledger and availability in MyReports.

In addition, the UCPath Center has established a schedule for when salary cost transfer (SCT) processing will occur in UCPath. While the processing frequency is less than what was originally communicated from UCPath, the set dates are an improvement over the current process and will allow departments to plan for processing deadlines. Salary cost transfers in an approved status by the date and time indicated on the calendar will be picked up in the scheduled SCT batch process and posted according to the schedule. The UCPath Center may run additional ad-hoc salary cost transfer batches when the payroll processing schedule allows.