Information for Funding Entry Initiators and Approvers (campus only)

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Funding entry is the process of entering chartstring(s) into UCPath online to indicate how to distribute costs for earnings and benefit expenses.

Funding entry in UCPath requires a department Initiator and Approver to complete all transactions. Only campus departments will perform funding entry directly in UCPath online. UCSF Health managers will continue to identify funding source chartstrings on PeopleConnect Management Action forms, and UCSF Health Human Resources will enter the corresponding information into UCPath online.

Training is required before Funding Entry Initiators and Funding Entry Approvers can be granted access and enter position funding in UCPath online. Department Access Administrators and Control Point Financial Officers are responsible for ensuring that users have completed their required training before allowing access to UCPath to conduct funding entry.

Employees who will be serving as a Funding Entry Initiator and/or Approver should:
  • Complete their required training (see Training Offerings below).
  • Inform their manager/supervisor or department Access Administrator, following normal departmental practice, that they have completed training and access should be requested using the Access Management Application.

When you need to enter or approve funding entry transactions in UCPath online, refer to the applicable resource below for specific guidance. If you don't find what you need or need further assistance, select from the contacts on the Get Help page.

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