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By Office of Budget and Resource Management (BRM) on June 01, 2020
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Countdown to UCPath Go-Live on June 1

By UCPath Project Team on May 18, 2020
Dear UCSF Community, We are now in the last steps of our transition to UCPath – the University of California’s new systemwide human resources, benefits, and payroll system. Beginning on June 1, UCSF paychecks will be processed in UCPath, and the UCPath online portal will be available for UCSF...

System Reminders and Resources Before UCPath is Live on June 1: PeopleConnect

By Human Resources on May 18, 2020
PeopleConnect will be down beginning May 29 and may not be available until the evening of May 31 in order to implement changes. PeopleConnect will be available June 1 along with UCPath.

HR Monthly Reports: Reminders and Next Steps for When UCPath Goes Live

By Human Resources on May 18, 2020
On May 7, we shared information about updates coming to HR Monthly Reports when UCPath goes live on June 1. These reports are used by managers/people leaders to audit employee and affiliate records, help anticipate needed management actions, and to feed local systems.

HR Monthly Reports - What Customers Need to Know About Changes When UCPath Goes Live

By Human Resources on May 05, 2020
UCPath will bring changes to how appointments are managed at UCSF. As a system, UCPath handles appointment and funding end dates differently than they are handled in PPS today. While business processes will change, Human Resources will continue to provide the same familiar tools we regularly...

UCPath Brings Changes to Payroll Expense Transfers

By UCSF Controller's Office on May 01, 2020
UCSF's payroll expense transfer processes will change when UCPath launches on June 1. A new salary cost transfer process in UCPath will replace the submission of Payroll Expense Transfer Uploader (PETU) forms.

UCPath Payroll Journal Changes

By UCSF Controller's Office on May 01, 2020
UCPath brings several changes to how we record salary and benefits in the General Ledger. Beginning in June, you can expect to see the following changes to payroll journals posted from UCPath.

HBS Outage and Early Timekeeping Deadlines during Cutover to UCPath

By UCSF Controller's Office on May 01, 2020
During the months of April and May, early timekeeping submission and approval deadlines in HBS are required in order to meet UCPath conversion deadlines. In addition, HBS will be unavailable during conversion activities from May 28 through May 31. Consult the following key deadlines for monthly and...

MyReports Cutover Schedule for UCPath

By UCSF Controller's Office on May 01, 2020
During UCSF’s transition to UCPath, MyReports is being modified to incorporate new data and to reflect new business processes. MyReports users can expect several changes as reports are being retrofitted, retired, or replaced to integrate with UCPath. To accommodate these changes, regularly...

Join the Virtual UCPath Employee Town Hall on May 11

By UCPath Project Team on May 01, 2020
All UCSF employees are invited to join a virtual UCPath Town Hall on Monday, May 11, from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. Join members of the UCPath project team for an overview of what's changing with UCPath and learn what to expect when UCPath is live on June 1.