Department default chartstrings with non-posting level Dept ID (UPDATED)

44 unique departments (428 positions) are currently setup on the main funding entry page with a default chartstring that includes a Dept ID not at posting level. As a result, any payroll expenses recorded to these default chartstrings will not pass edit and will go to suspense rather than being easily visible in enterprise reports for departments to correct. 

Root Cause
In PPS, Home Department could be established at a non-posting level causing the issue with resulting default chartstrings established for these Dept IDs at go-live. The correct posting level Dept ID could not be determined during conversion. 

Mitigation Plan
Following the posting of suspended payroll to the suspense account, the Payroll Office will reach out to identify a posting level Dept ID to use to move payroll suspended on Project “2222222” and a non-posting Dept ID. To keep the General Ledger and Distribution of Payroll Expense (DPE) in sync, departments must move salary and benefits in suspense using a salary cost transfer. Outlined in the August 2020 Controller's Office Newsletter are the steps required to move payroll   that posts to the suspense account.  

Long-term Resolution
Update: February 2023
UCSF Payroll submitted Dept ID edits to UCPath in January; the UCPath Center time to resolve is currently targeted for the end of February 2023.

Update: December 2022
In October, we discovered additional configuration updates that are required to remove non-posting department ids from our UCPath configuration. The Payroll office is working to update the configuration and aims to complete this activity by January 2023. We apologize that this was not completed in full during our initial updates earlier this year and in 2021 and that users are continuing to experience downstream issues as a result.

Update: March 2022
In April 2021, the Payroll Office submitted a mass funding entry update to replace 938 invalid chartstrings set up in UCPath on the department default page. UCSF is awaiting a configutation update by the UCPath Center to ensure that all default chartstrings have posting-level Dept IDs.