Salary Cost Transfer Webinar: Direct Retros for VAC and Related Earnings Codes

On January 21, 2021, UCSF’s subject matter experts hosted a webinar to demonstrate an enhancement to the salary cost transfer process when using the Direct Retro Salary Cap / MCOP Funding Worksheet.

As a result of the enhancement, additional earnings codes that are identified in UCPath as eligible for capped funding sources and are effort bearing (i.e. contribute to the employee’s monthly salary effort for the specific pay check’s pay period end date) are now editable within the Direct Retro MCOP Worksheet. This includes salary expense earnings codes such as VAC, SKL, etc. This enhancement allows Salary Cost Transfer Initiators to transfer funding for related earnings codes across a complete set of earnings distribution rows within the Direct Retro MCOP Worksheet.

The webinar also provided an update on current known issues related to Salary Cost Transfers.

Presentation materials and a recording of the webinar are available to view any time (MyAccess login required).