Key Benefits of UCPath

Standardized processes

  • UC systemwide business transformation
  • Unifies every UC location with a single system for all employees
  • Standarizes 100+ processes through a common platform and shared services center serving all UC employees
  • Creates opportunity for increased productivity, accuracy and efficiency

Shared services

  • The UCPath Center will be the hub for processing human resources, benefits and payroll
  • Commits human resources, academic personnel and payroll transactions to the UCPath system
  • Works with UCSF central units to resolve issues and provide system support
  • Provides support to all employees for common functions
  • Located in Riverside, California

New technology

  • Employs PeopleSoft technology to replace the aging 40+ year-old PPS system
  • Strengthens our foundation with stable, scalable, modern technology supported by a central team
  • Ensures consistency, data integrity and policy compliance across the UC system
  • Provides mobile-friendly, self-service access to human resources, benefits and payroll information

UCPath online

  • Gives UC employees expanded self-service functionality to:
    • View and update personal information
    • View earnings
    • Sign up for direct deposit
    • Update tax withholdings
    • View or enroll in benefits
    • View vacation and sick leave balances
    • Submit inquiries through the "Ask UCPath Center" feature
  • Gives managers access to key information (employee Job data, leave balances) about employees they manage or supervise